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The KZRO-FM transmission site sits at the 5,000' level of Mt. Shasta, blasting our Classic music signal with this SWR-6-Bay antennaOur NEWS STORY PAGE offers a quick news fix, a place to find out what's going on NOW. Two scrolling tickers deliver up to the minute news stories plus top ten stories, stock ticker, click here to check it out.Rear shot of our Northern California studios, featuring our communications transmit and receive antennas.

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Just what you'd expect... lots of pix of lots of people, studio pics, remote broadcast pix, outside the station pix, kid pix, transmitter tower pix... pix pix pix. Marsha Marsha Marsha.

Sometimes getting a good FM signal in the mountains is tricky. Click here for tips and tricks to make your radio work better and your music sound sweeter!

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CLICK TOWER FOR OUR CONTOUR MAP. The KZRO-FM transmitter site is located at the 5,000' level of Mt.Shasta, utilizing a SWR-6 bay Circularlly Polarized antenna with 12,500 watts of butt-kicking Classic power, allowing us to cover over 194,000 persons and 24,000 square miles

Had a great time at the Steppenwolf concert and we've got the pix shot backstage at the Sisq. Golden Fair.

Use the search tool that that we use to get in depth info on your favorite artists. Info, reviews, pictures and more..

Live streaming video road cams from all over California

Abrams Lake Rd.
Central Dunsmuir
Snowman Hill
North Weed
Weed Airport
Walters Road
Grass Lake
Hilt Sandhouse
Oregon Mt. Summit
Fawndale Rd/Rdg.
Lake Blvd/Rdg.
Riverside Dr/Rdg.
Deschutes Rd/Rdg.
Red Bluff Cam

Oregon LIVE Road Cams at the Siskiyou Summit and more

Mount Shasta
Mount Ashland
Mount Bachelor

ski park cams

Mount Shasta
Mount Bachelor



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Weekday Schedule
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Dennis Michaels
Dog & Pony Show
-------6/10AM + 6/8PM-------

Email requests for daytime Classics and
nighttime Classic Rock formats.. info below.

DENNIS MICHAELS jumps into your mornings bright and early from
6-10 AM with the best 60s & 70s tunes ever made, with 
guaranteed and only two commercial breaks per hour.. plus, we'll be
reading your emails off the stack each Weekday at 8AM and 6PM...

Westwood One Radio News

News from Atlanta with full reports and short updates 24/7

           MORNING FEATURES (with 7-in-a-row every hour)

[] 6:00     Get Your Butt out of Bed.... plus our First Goofy Story
[] 6:35     Old Farmer's Almanac, Station PSA's
[] 7:05     Dick Clark's Music Calendar
[] 7:35     Prime Comedy Cut Bit of the Day
[] 8:05     CNN Radio News - Full Report (5:00) - Featured Listener Emal
[] 9:05     Stories, Lost Tracks, Comedy
[] 9:35     Stupid News from the Stupid News Writers in Las Vegas, Nevada
[]10:00    Show Sign-Off
[]10:05    CNN Radio News -Full Report (5:00)
[]10:35    Into Tomorrow
[]11:35    A Better Life with Sonjay Gupta

           AFTERNOONS (still 7-in-a-row every hour)

[]12:05    CNN Radio News - Full Report (5:00)
[] 1:00     Old Farmer's Almanac (repeat)
[] 2:05     CNN Radio News - Full Report (5:00)
[] 3:05     Dick Clark's Music Calendar (repeat)
[] 5:00     Live In Concert 5-7PM (Fridays)
[] 5:05     CNN Radio News - Full Report (5:00)


The Real Don Steele
New On The Z-Channel Friday's 12-3PM. This Guy


           EVENINGS (6-in-a-row every hour)

[] 6:00     Dennis Michaels jumps in to fire up the Classic Rock
              from 6-8pm with listener email, stories and more..
[] 6:05     Get The Lead Out w/Carol Miller
[] 6:10     Prime Comedy Cut (morning repeat)
[] 6:30     Stories /PSA's
[] 7:00     Scratchy LP Vinyl Trax from the Z Tunrtable
[] 7:30     Show Sign-Off
[] 8:00     Classic Rock format continues until 6am

6:00 Dennis Michaels jumps in

(note: all times approximate...WW1 Radio News One Minute
Updates at bottom of the hour 24/7...weekend times may vary.)

Z100fm plays the greatest 60s Oldies & 70s Classics ever made
during the day, CNN Radio updates every hour 24/7 plus 70s & 80s
Classic Rock at night. In all we've got over 
5,000 songs on CD,
and we play them on demand.

Why not  Z-Mail us a request while you're here?


Request 60s/70s Music for the "Dog and Pony Show",
requests and emails will be aired weekday mornings from 6am-10am.

Request songs from our 70s/80s Classic Rock format, your
request and email will be aired weekday evenings from 6pm-8pm....

Choose from over 5,000 songs on Compact Disk, we'll email you
back and let you know when your song and email will air.

Lunchtime with the Beatles


(6PM - 6AM)

 At 6pm, we stop the Oldies and switch formats
to our 70s and 80s library, where you won't hear even
one of the songs we play in the daytime. And day or night,
all we take is two commercial breaks per hour, for L O N G
B L O C K S of the best music ever made, right here from our studio...

(all times Pacific)



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