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The KZRO-FM transmission site sits at the 5,000' level of Mt. Shasta, blasting our Classic music signal with this SWR-6-Bay antennaOur NEWS STORY PAGE offers a quick news fix, a place to find out what's going on NOW. Two scrolling tickers deliver up to the minute news stories plus top ten stories, stock ticker, click here to check it out.Rear shot of our Northern California studios, featuring our communications transmit and receive antennas.

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Z-Photo Gallery

Z Studio A

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Just what you'd expect... lots of pix of lots of people, studio pics, remote broadcast pix, outside the station pix, kid pix, transmitter tower pix... pix pix pix. Marsha Marsha Marsha.

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CLICK TOWER FOR OUR CONTOUR MAP. The KZRO-FM transmitter site is located at the 5,000' level of Mt.Shasta, utilizing a SWR-6 bay Circularlly Polarized antenna with 12,500 watts of butt-kicking Classic power, allowing us to cover over 194,000 persons and 24,000 square miles

Had a great time at the Steppenwolf concert and we've got the pix shot backstage at the Sisq. Golden Fair.

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The Z-Channel Photo Gallery
Z-Photo Gallery

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Working On Our Microwave Xmitter

Z-Storm JAN 2010 -Studio+Tower Trip to Get Us Back On Air
This storm kicked our butt. Click the thumbnails for the big pix..

One word. Insanity. After power outages at the tower, studio and even our house
simultaneously, we waited to get up to the tower to see the damage. Once we had
power back, we found our Studio to Transmitter microwave receiver was blown out.
Unit couldn't be fixed quickly, so we rented one. Five solo trips by DM up and down
the hill over the weekend and we're finally back up at full power... although we're
finding other equipment that was effected and we're working on those transmission
problems. Our thanks to Pacific Power and all the crew who cut the trail to our tower.. dm

Z-Channel Winter 2008 Pix - Station Dish and Z-House
Gotta scrape the CNN dish.. seems to be dead.. and that's just a little snow. Grab the trusty ladder and try and break my ass again.. A little scraping, and half way to a satellite signal.. Almost able to broadcast the news again.. too bad the dish heaters won't work on this kind of wet snow.. Dish be clear.. until next time.

And now that I've saved the news, need me some more java. The Z-House. Looks like we got some snow. The Z-House. Hope my old lady can get her car out.. The Z-House. Pain in the ass, but sure is purdy. The Z-House. One of these friggin' baby's popped me in the forehead and left a nice mark.

Z-People around the station

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Z-Air Studio 1 Window -Street View
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Z-Morning Show Padded Air Studio 2

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Z-Broadcast Ridge Tower Site at Broadcast Ridge, Mt. Shasta

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Snowstorm knocks us off air, here's our trip to get back on

Nice view from our tower at 5,000'. Z-Engineer Rob Hanson looking in our transmitter trying to locate the problem. Outside view of our transmitter building. Daren cut the trail through powder to get us up there. Another outside shot of our transmitter shack.

113 E. Alma Street Studios, Mount Shasta

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Steppenwolf Concert/Sisq.Golden Fair (8.9.02)
Here's the Steppenwolf Concert story... stage is all set to go, hang back with the band
for a few where the food is. Hook up with guitarist Danny Johnson (bio) and find their sound
tech in this
porta-potty.. we just about tip him over (should have seen his face when he
came out)
... not exactly sure what it is when goofy musicians get together, or why they act
like they're in the Monkees.. seems to just happen. Plus, think I got Danny in trouble cause
while we were yacking he missed a band meeting (sorry John).. then get down to business
Scoop the Stage Manager, talk to the audience for a while, throw CDs into the crowd
(sorry for any injuries) then caught the show from
stage left.. The Wolf pounded out the hits,
and we sat back and just remembered.. ignore the dates on the pictures.. was having so
much fun, forgot to reset the date on the camera... thanx to Teri for the shots..

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wfdm-scoop.jpg (87721 bytes) wfdmstage2.jpg (72037 bytes) wfdmstage3.jpg (55996 bytes) wf_show.jpg (46144 bytes) 

Mercy Med Cancer Center Fundraiser, Mount Shasta Resort

Dennis Michaels warmin' up the crowd Crowd sprawled out on the green at the Mount Shasta Resort Dennis Michaels between music sets
Local talent Victor Martin and Allison Skull provided opening act services Dennis Michaels hangin' out back stage between appearances Raising money for the new cancer center

Z-Remote Broadcast British Car Gathering / Dunsmuir

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Z-Remote Broadcast Youth Baseball /  Mount Shasta

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Z-Kids on the Air Studio A and B

kids2.jpg (39374 bytes) kids5.jpg (39387 bytes) kids6.jpg (47611 bytes) kids7.jpg (36532 bytes)

kids8.jpg (51832 bytes) kids1.jpg (59131 bytes) kids4.jpg (49880 bytes) kids3.jpg (43364 bytes) My son Kevin holds the tie in question. It's not that this teacher took it away, but that when I went to get it, she grabbed it back out of my hands and told me I couldn't have it. Of course, I could have taken it to go out and Stoogeface more kids..


*Remote photos by my better half, Teri Michaels*


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