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The KZRO-FM transmission site sits at the 5,000' level of Mt. Shasta, blasting our Classic music signal with this SWR-6-Bay antennaOur NEWS STORY PAGE offers a quick news fix, a place to find out what's going on NOW. Two scrolling tickers deliver up to the minute news stories plus top ten stories, stock ticker, click here to check it out.Rear shot of our Northern California studios, featuring our communications transmit and receive antennas.

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Just what you'd expect... lots of pix of lots of people, studio pics, remote broadcast pix, outside the station pix, kid pix, transmitter tower pix... pix pix pix. Marsha Marsha Marsha.

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CLICK TOWER FOR OUR CONTOUR MAP. The KZRO-FM transmitter site is located at the 5,000' level of Mt.Shasta, utilizing a SWR-6 bay Circularlly Polarized antenna with 12,500 watts of butt-kicking Classic power, allowing us to cover over 194,000 persons and 24,000 square miles

Had a great time at the Steppenwolf concert and we've got the pix shot backstage at the Sisq. Golden Fair.

Use the search tool that that we use to get in depth info on your favorite artists. Info, reviews, pictures and more..

Live streaming video road cams from all over California

Abrams Lake Rd.
Central Dunsmuir
Snowman Hill
North Weed
Weed Airport
Walters Road
Grass Lake
Hilt Sandhouse
Oregon Mt. Summit
Fawndale Rd/Rdg.
Lake Blvd/Rdg.
Riverside Dr/Rdg.
Deschutes Rd/Rdg.
Red Bluff Cam

Oregon LIVE Road Cams at the Siskiyou Summit and more

Mount Shasta
Mount Ashland
Mount Bachelor

ski park cams

Mount Shasta
Mount Bachelor




The Z-Channel Contact Info
KZRO License Renewal
Information Page


On 11/29/05,  Radio Station KZRO (FM) was granted a
license by the Federal Communication Commission to serve
the public interest as a public trustee until December 1, 2013.
Our license will expire December 1, 2013. We must file for license
renewal with the FCC by August 1, 2013. When filed, a copy of
this application will be available for public inspection during our
regular business hours. It contains information concerning this
station's performance during the last four years. Individuals who
wish to advise the FCC of facts relating to our renewal application
and to whether this station has operated in the public interest
should file comments and petitions with the FCC by November 1,
2013. Further information concerning the FCC's broadcast
license renewal process is a available at the KZRO offices,
located at 113 E. Alma Street in Mount Shasta, or may be
obtained from the Federal Communications Commission,
Washington, D.C. 20554 or at


We have filed our application for license renewal with the FCC
on July 19, 2013.


KZRO 100.1FM Radio, licensed to Dunsmuir, CA
is proud to remain Northern California's only remaining
Locally Owned and Operated Commercial Radio Station.
As such, we pride ourselves in broadcasting locally oriented
programming day and night from our studios in Mount Shasta.
Although we are a music station, KZRO airs local news
items and public service announcements each weekday,
and remains at the disposal of local city, county and
state officials for the dissemination of information
that is pertinent to the public interest.


Studio/Business Offices
113 East Alma Street
Mt. Shasta CA, 96067

PO Box 1234
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

vox: 530-926-1332
fax: 530-926-0737

How about taking a moment to let us know you're out there.. Shoot us an email, tell us who and where you are, what you do, how you found us on the web and you'll be hearing it come through your speakers on the Dennis Michaels Dog and Pony Show! Feel free to request your favorite Classic Rock songs..

If you are involved with a local, non-profit group
and would like to have your agenda aired on our station;
mail, fax or email your information to us, and we will get it on the air.
Please keep announcements under 30 seconds.







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