The Z-Channel Priority Feed Information Page
The Z-Priority Feed

It's the Z-Feed that's always available no matter how many people are listening, even during peak hours, for the cost of a hamburger.. plus you get exclusive DM Original Solo Music Streams free.

To stream our Live FM feed to computers and mobile devices, it costs us bucks every month. If you enjoy our programming (and even if you never get a server full message), you can help make sure The Z-Channel stays online by helping to offset our costs.

$5.99 US per month subscription.
Gets you USER-ID and PASSWORD good from any Windows Media equipped computer on the planet.

You can cancel at any time. Really.


Before you subscribe, click here to make sure the Windows Media Player pops up, along with the dialog box that says "Enter User ID and Password". If it does, you're good to go.
If it doesn't, email our tech support department so we can find out what's going on with your situation. All tech support issues should be sent to the above address.

Right after you subscribe, you'll receive an email back with your Z-Login Username and Password. After that, you can use the Z-PRIORITY link or button to connect to the special server, or continue to use our free server.

Once subscribed, dependant on resource activity, it may take that business day to get your username and password into our system. If you encounter problems, email us and our tech support staff will help you to resolve the problem.

How it works...
Try it out.. Click on LISTEN Z-PRIORITY or red PRIORITY STREAM button on our front page. When the player comes up, a login box pops up where you're able to bypass our daily traffic. Just enter your username and password, and get immediate connection to our live feed anytime. Z100fm audio utilizes the secure PAYPAL SYSTEM via your credit or debit card. Cancel at any time.

We make nothing, and in fact pay all costs ourselves to send you our free and priority 64k Windows and MP4 Shoutcast stereo audio feeds (as we're charged per listener/per month). Basically, as a member, you're paying for your own bandwidth costs (kindof like long distance). If you like our music and are a regular listener, why not help us out with our streaming costs? Comes out to about a burger a month.

Come to think of it, I'll take fries with that burger.


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