Rock and Roll From the Mountain

Z-Letters Last Updated November 28, 1997

A note from Dennis Michaels.


It took our company, Big Tree Communications years to acquire Radio Station KZRO(FM). This was due to several factors, most of them perpetrated on us by a couple of individuals who tried convincing the FCC and the community that we were crooks.

That we could not "legally" acquire this radio station because we were buying it from a "non-commercial" religious organization.

In that time, there were hundreds and hundreds of pages of "PETITION'S TO DENY" against Big Tree and Z100fm. It took the FCC (through our Washington attorney) a long time to defend against these charges, it put us in debt, but the Commission saw the truth.

Personally disturbing, newscasts were done about me on a local station saying I should be investigated for perjury. That I was a "license launderer". That Big Tree was perpetrating a hoax on the County and FCC by buying this radio station. In addition, this station owner submitted documents to the FCC stating we were selling sex to callers on the air. That we were taking our clothes off in the studio to "get comfortable".

The FCC saw the truth. Information on their decision is available on the FCC's web site @, in the Mass Media Bureau section. Use the search tool and type in KZRO.

Here for your review are letters from the public. We asked you to respond, to tell the FCC what we were doing, and you did. Each and every letter addressing the sale of KZRO(FM) to Big Tree is on file at the FCC in Washington, D.C.

A sincere thanks goes out to each and every one of you
that saw through an attempt to put my family into bankruptcy. Close, but no cigar.


January 24,1997
Secretary of the Federal Communications Commission;

I'm writing this letter to ensure you that KZRO/Z-100 Radio Station is a very welcomed addition to our community. I have been driving for Federal Express Corp. for the 13 years and am all over Siskiyou County every day. I not only deliver to all of the local businesses but also to residential homes. Many people in our area work out of their homes.

All of these people are listening to KZRO. I am the person who knows which radio stations that our community dials into on their radios and it's KZRO! I also obtain a lot of feedback from our community. The majority of the local businesses and people love Z-100!

This radio station services the public in a very professional manner. I listen to their broadcasting during my day because the report weather, traffic problems and daily emergencies. All these things effect my job and our community. Without their most urgent concern for our people in Sisikyou County we would lack information.

I can remember one incident where the Mt.Shasta Police Department asked for their help in announcing for volunteers to help in an emergency situation. KZRO broadcasted approximately every 10 minutes their cry for help. KZRO even opened up their phone lines for people to call them. How better of a way to service our public.

I feel that Siskiyou County needs to have KZRO remain on the air. I listen to KZRO because I love what give our community. I've lived in Siskiyou County for 25 years. This Radio Station is the best thing that has happened to our area in a long time. It gives the best music on the air TODAY and makes my day more enjoyable. I can get through my hectic and busy routine a lot smoother because of KZRO. In fact if this station was taken off the air I would be devastated!

As an American in Siskiyou County we should have the choice in what type of music we want to listen to and I choose KZRO every day!

Big Tree Communications or KZRO is dealing with small town jealousy. So the way to try to ruin someone's reputation is to spread lies and untruths. In small communities this seems to prevail if you fall into that trap. I feel this station is being threatened because the majority if the people are listening to them by choice. The other stations didn't allow us that choice.

KZRO has dealt with a lot of confrontations and obstacles and still remains professional and fair. Give em a chance!

Donna Lewis

Dear FCC,

I have been listening to Dennis's station ever since it came into play, and it is a great station. Although others have made allegations toward this station (Z100), I strongly believe them to be false. I have never once heard a single bad remark about women, children or the community come out of Dennis's mouth on or off the air.

I believe Dennis and his station are purely here to play great rock and roll for the community and not to bad mouth it. Dennis's station has gotten a bad wrap and it's time for the record to be set straight.

Thank you for your time,
Nick Sivananda
Listener and supporter

From the Desk of
Brad Fortna

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to respond to current news items we are seeing locally regarding Z-100. I first wish to make clear that I have listened to Z-100 since their infancy and feel that they fill a wide gap in programming in Siskiyou County.

They are a professional operation that has won the confidence of it's listenership. We are rural in Siskiyou County but we are not dead. KZRO is the most complete radio station I have enjoyed in this county in the past eleven years.

Please consider carefully any actions you are currently considering as the public backlash I assure will be severe if we lose our station to a political ploy.

Speaking of the political ploy, you should be aware that your agency is being used by a rival station to stir up trouble for Z-100. I am of course referring to KWHO. Among other things, KWHO has been accused of illegal use of public land, false billing to businesses (mine included), and presenting false information.

Recently, the owner of KWHO sold out his interest. My point is, previously he had a financial interest in the success of Z-100. Now he is using your agency as a sour grapes dispute. He no longer has an interest. I assume the NPR carrier is just making sure all parties are playing by the same rules.

I am VERY conservative but do enjoy the Rock format as I am a young baby boomer. Although I do find some of Z-100's filler spots offensive because of my religious convictions, I assure you that none of the programming is offensive or inappropriate nor have I ever heard any profanity or explicit references. I would be the first to complain if that were so.

I hope that my opinion is heard through all the clutter you must experience and remain at your disposal should you have any questions. Please try to resolve this issue fairly and in the spirit of American free enterprise.

Brad Fortna

Dear FCC,

I think "Z-100" should stay on the air. They do a lot of good for the community. I like the music I've heard in a while. We did not have an "oldies" station until Z-100 came along, so please don't take it away.

They also give a lot of news and weather reports that get out the community. I think that if someone is trying to get there station shut down, they should get their station shut down.

I am only 13 years old but I like oldies and think that this station should stay on the air. I like the trivias and games that they have on this station. I think that the "D.J." is very cool and also very nice. Please don't shut this station down.

Bart Thompson

February 3,1997
303 N.Mt. Shasta Blvd.
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Federal Communications Commission
Washington, D.C.

It has come to my attention that the former owner of Radio Station KWHO FM. located in Mt.Shasta, Ca. has filed several complaints with the FCC against Radio Station KZRO FM also located in Mt.Shasta, Ca.

Since KZRO FM. has gone on the air in our community they have made themselves available to the Mt. Shasta Police Department for numerous public announcements (i.e.,. weather advisories, Halloween safety spots, holiday driving tips as well as covering our "Ride Home Program" during the Christmas and New Year period for drinking drivers.)

KZRO's Dennis Michaels has provided a well rounded programming policy that covers a broad spectrum of our community. KZRO has a call in program on Saturday from 12:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. that is geared towards our youth, and is even hosted by area students.

In conclusion KZRO's biggest asset is their availability and 24 hour broadcasting. On January 13, 1997 we had a reported missing child. The weather was very wintery, with a temperature hovering around 10 degrees. I contacted KZRO at 2:00 a.m. and Dennis Michaels set up a live phone interview and announcement over the air and continued playing it every 15 to 30 minutes until we located the child at 10:40 a.m.

I hope that this letter will alleviate some of the accusations that have been alleged against KZRO.

Robert K. Montz
Chief of Police

FCC Secretary,

My main source of entertainment is the Radio. This is because of migraine headaches. T.V. causes them to be intensified because of the light. I listen to Z-100 F.M. Dunsmuir, CA. I love my old Rock-N-Roll. They serve this area and community with a valuable service. They have good music and keep our community advised on weather related conditions and news.

They (Z100) should be allowed to own the station. If not for them we will be at great loss. Z-100 F.M. should be able to stay on the air for always. Like I said I would be at a loss without this station. They have also helped the police and local weather people when they are needed. Z-100 F.M. means a lot to me and I enjoy their programing and have never heard otherwise. I would be at a loss without them. Please give them the OK to go ahead.

Thank you for listening to me,

Ronald Ekwall

January 29, 1997
To whom it may concern:

I am a resident of Mt. Shasta, and I find the charges against our new radio station Z100 to be outrageous and totally fabricated.

This is a wonderful station and is a big asset to our community. They have only displayed professionalism and a strong community mindedness. To hear that allegations have been raised about promoting free sex, taking your clothes off, etc. is absurd. These people love and respect both our children and the people in the community. Rock and roll is loved by all ages from a 52 year old like me down to our children. The programming that's offered on this station is simply outstanding music.

It's clear there are forces in this county and the surrounding counties perhaps, that wish to eliminate an independent that has proved to be extremely popular and successful. Simply put, they have lied!

I do not want this station or the corporation that owns it, removed from the air. There is no controversy here, and they serve the public with up to the minute news and continuous free community events announcements.

Sincerely yours,
Lorraine Lewis

To: FCC Secretary,

The radio station KZRO in Mt.Shasta, Ca. is a great station. they are very helpful to our area. We enjoy the music and they help with local weather, road conditions and local police reports.

They have a special time for kids to be on the radio and run the broadcasting open lines. It's great the kids love it. The station does not do anything vulgar or nasty, and they don't down grade or bad mouth anyone. I hope we can all get along and be as open as this station.

Gail Murphy

January 29, 1997
To: Secretary of the F.C.C.
Washington, D.C.

This is in response to Radio Station KZRO's request for listener feedback on how KZRO operates and conducts its programming. My personal opinion is reflected in the following:
1. KZRO does serve the community and the public good in Mt.Shasta.
2.Big Tree Communications does deserve to own KZRO.
3.KZRO should definitely stay on the air.

Thank you for your consideration of my input as a radio listener.

Scott Snyder

January 29,1997
Dear KZRO,

I have lived in Mt. Shasta for about 12 years. For 11 1/2 of those years I have had to deal with weak signals from Redding to be able to enjoy the music that I like. KZRO has been a positive addition to our community. I have enjoyed its presence very much. I consider myself to be a conservative individual who would not support in the least a Howard Stern radio personality.

From the beginning of KZRO's inception, I have enjoyed the fresh approach and instant wit of on-air personality Dennis Michael. I have found the programming to be in good taste. I am disturbed to think that KZRO's service to Mt. Shasta could be terminated by misinformation and trust the enclosed letter helps you in this crisis time.

Sincerely, Scott Snyder

January 31,1997
Dear FCC Secretary,

I wish to be on record as supporting Radio Station KZRO (Z-100) Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta,Calif. From my standpoint, radio station KZRO is very much a family operation, with only a small staff, KZRO broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the best rockin' oldies I've heard in my over 8 years in this area.

KZRO has local programing six days a week, with live call in request shows, and a children's live call in show on Saturday afternoon. KZRO broadcasts news twice an hour in the morning and late afternoon, once an hour all day. Weather forecasts every hour, and road reports when necessary. Siskiyou County and City governments have KZRO for local information, and during the late December 96 flooding emergency.

Dennis Michaels, his family, and staff at KZRO bring a bright and positive sound to Siskiyou County. Let's keep KZRO (Z-100) on the air.

Respectfully yours,
Stephen A. Crane

January 30, 1997

Federal Communications Commission
Washington, D.C.
Subject: Recommendation for the purchase of KZRO-FM by Big Tree Communication/Z100-FM.

I am writing in support of the purchase of KZRO-FM by Big Tree Communications/Z100-FM.

I am a senior citizen residing in the broadcast area of KZRO-FM and find that this station presents a caliber of programing otherwise unavailable in this area. KZRO-FM offers a historical perspective of modern American music as well as community service information which is not otherwise available on radio. Their humorous presentation is occasionally 'off the cuff' though never crude or otherwise in bad taste.

KZRO-FM provides a definite public service and allowing them to continue in operation would be a service to our community by the FCC..

Paul L. Patterson



During the floods of New Year 1997, I was isolated by high water and mud slides. KZRO kept me informed and up to date on weather and road conditions which is very important to our community. KZRO is exactly what this area has needed for many years.

The claims made by KWHO are totally unfounded and untrue.

Rich Gwinn


To whom it may concern:

We at our household fully believe Z-100 radio provides a very positive service to the public and broadcasts its programs in a manner that is very professional. There is no reason to even consider removing this station from the air.

Our rural area has a small population of people that thinks it is 1940. The population needs to wake up and realize that the year 2000 is upon us and broadcasting like Z-100 is very normal and typical.

One of Z-100's best services is providing us with excellent weather forecasting directly from the National Weather Service. I work outside year round and need to know what to expect. Z-100 provides that.

Please evaluate this situation fairly and we are sure you will see Z-100 deserves to broadcast here.

Eric Vanderleest


To the FCC,

I am writing in full support of Dennis Michaels and the staff at Z-100. They have been a helpful influence in this community. Always uplifting and humorous etc. I had never heard any misuse of language and or stories of misconduct in any manner from them. I assure you the accusations made by Tom Erickson are totally false. As far as I know he is the only one making accusations against KZRO, and there are many letters for KZRO in KZRO's support.

Please keep this station on and prosecute the false accuser.

David B. Wales



Shutting down the most positive honest and informative radio station ever in our area would be a huge mistake!!

Z-100 FM has great news and very valuable weather updates, take the time to check out their kids program. My teenagers actually feel involved because of it-- a rare thing!!

If you need to shut down a problem station listen to KWHO 102.3 for their bitter, dishonest and hate filled news programs their is no place for this in our community.

Please, Please keep Z-100 and staff in our area.

Thanks for your time.
Ray Crandall

February 3, 1997

To the attention of the Federal Communications Center,

The College of the Siskiyous has had the privilege of working with the Mt. Shasta, California, radio station, KZRO FM 100, throughout the school year.

We have found the radio personnel to be ethical and extremely helpful in promoting the activities of the College. The station has also featured College personnel on their radio talk shows to discuss the Colleges events, athletics, and celebrations.

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Dawna Cozzalio
Director of Public Information
College Foundation


To Whom It May Concern:

I've known Dennis Michaels since his arrival in Siskiyou County. He has never represented himself to me as the owner of a Radio Station. As a manager, yes. While I don't know the contract specifics between Mr. Michaels and those he's dealing with, I do know he's been harassed and threatened by Thomas Erickson of KWHO.

I find it almost beyond belief that a raving, unethical, deceitful, probably dangerous individual like Erickson could cause such difficulty for a straightforward, community minded person like Michaels...Who isn't being investigated by the local District Attorney, or the Calif. Attorney-General; Who hasn't admitted to falsifying news stories or slandering people over the airwaves.

I'll support Mr.Michaels, thank you. He plays good music, serves the community and doesn't insult ones intelligence and sense of honor and ethics. Please, Please! Help Mt.Shasta and Siskiyou County keep the first truly real radio station in ages on the air.

I swear under penalty or perjury this statement is true to the best of my knowledge.

Paul Sutton

February 5, 1997

Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC

Dear Secretary:

I write this letter in favor of radio station KZRO, Z100 FM, whose broadcasting office is located in Mt. Shasta, California. Z100 FM is one of the best additions to our area in quite a while. I have lived in this area for 11 years, and wished for years that we would have a local radio station that could represent my idea of a good radio station.

In addition to playing the kind of music I enjoy most, KZRO provides a number of beneficial services to our community- national and local news, local weather and road information (we live in a mountain community, which is subject to snowy winter conditions and road closures due to snow, mud slides and Interstate accidents). It is an excellent medium for local businesses to advertise with due to the broad listener audience. Local people are given an opportunity to call in with comments, and certain times during the day are open for song requests. A teen program is aired each Saturday, by teens for teens. Local people are also given the opportunity to win tickets for outdoor recreations activities (skiing, for example), or tickets to local concerts and plays.

KZRO should be allowed to remain in the air. They are an asset to this community that is long overdue. I can be contacted at the address listed below if you should desire any further information.

Kris Tregembo


Dear FCC,

I'm writing on behalf of KZRO-Z100 in Mt. Shasta, Ca. I've been a steady listener of the "Z" since July of 1996, and have heard no profanity or sexual referrals about the "Z Ladies" doing any lude acts of any kind! They're a family and community station. They work with police to help find missing children or other police assistance. They have a great talk/request show for kids and teenagers on Saturdays, so please grant them their license.

Thank you,
Michael Koho

February 6, 1997

Dear Dennis;

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the fine public service you provided to the voters of District 2 during the fall campaign season. Voters were so inundated with slick messages from major state and national campaigns, it was hard for us local office seekers to garner much media attention.

I received many positive comments about your effort to work with the local newspapers to gather questions from the public for your live show with my opponent and me. It helped to make voters feel more involved in the campaign, and although Mr. Smith and I were a bit nervous, not being pros in front of the microphone, we were both happy to have done it.

I certainly hope you will consider more live public service programs. We had talked about periodically doing a county issues call-in show. I expect by spring I will have my "sea legs" in this wonderful new job, and will want to start that project.

I wish you the best as you sort through your difficulties with the FCC. I have nothing but the greatest respect for what you have done for the community in the past, and have expressed interest in doing in the future.

Please call me if I can be of any service.

LaVada Erickson
County Supervisor, Dist. 2

February 7, 1997

File No:146.5335.A10129

To Whom It May Concern:

The Mount Shasta Office of the California Highway Patrol supports radio station Z100 FM (100.1 FM).

This station performs an excellent service for the listening audience during unusual situations. Road closures, detours and chain control requirements are just a few examples of necessary information broadcast by this local station.

If I can be of further service please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,
D.F. Jourdan,#5335
Public Affairs Officer

A Law Corporation

February 7, 1997

Dear Sir or Madame:

This is to let you know how much we appreciate your station and its efforts in our community, and hope they will continue. Although other stations can be heard here, none of them seem to be as oriented to the particular needs of listeners in Mt. Shasta City and the other south-County communities.

It is important that there be a "live" broadcaster in the local studio, at least during the daytime, to address potential emergencies and other local news items that may arise, and your station provides that service far better than any of the others. As the current City Attorney for Mt. Shasta, and a past Councilmember of the City of Weed, that factor is especially important to me.

In terms of entertainment, all of the other stations in the county offer pretty much the same thing, which is country music, or on occasion, pre-packaged "oldies", while yours provides an alternative.

The local programming by, and for, our teens is also important. No other local station provided that, and besides being an opportunity for young broadcasters to be heard, it supplies rare, wholesome entertainment to their peers. I hope that will expand.

Thank you for considering my comments.

Robert D. Winston

February 10, 1997

Re: KZRO 100.1FM

Dear FCC,

This letter is in regard to the recent inquiry about the ethics and professionalism of our local radio station KZRO 100.1 FM in Mt. Shasta, California. My name is Jack Trout. I am the owner and operator of Jack Trout Fly Fishing Guide Service in Mt. Shasta, California.

I feel that KZRO has been an asset to our community. This station serves my guide customers and myself with information on weather, traffic and all community updates. I listen to this station at least 10 hours a day, partly due to the great music they play but also because the updates and news are strictly factual. I also appreciate a station that lets you, as a listener, get involved with trivia questions, request hours, and even a kids program every Saturday afternoon.

I have never heard anything but great and positive messages on KZRO air waves. Their ethics and professionalism is of the highest degree.

In the short time of being on the air, they have volunteered at several community events and have become the top radio station to service our area. My wife, Terri, is a member of the board of directors for the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce and this radio station has helped them tremendously with free advertising, public announcements and live remotes in order to help raise money for our annual 4th of July fireworks event.

I plan on advertising in the Spring exclusively with KZRO 100.1 FM. It would be a true loss to our community and our tourists if this station was not able to continue to stay on the air. This is THE BEST radio station I've ever listened to and Dennis Michaels id the best thing to have joined our community and our air waves in a long time. Keep up the good work KZRO, I don't know what I would do without you.

Please contact me if you have ANY questions.

Jack Trout
Terri Trout


Washington, D.C.

We, the undersigned, support Z100 radio station (KZRO, Big Tree Communications) and feel the information forwarded to you was untrue and that the benefits and services provided by KZRO radio station to this area are most beneficial as proven to us in the past months of service. We feel strongly that this radio station should not be removed from the air and that services rendered to our community by the radio stations are needed.

Mary Lopa - Weed,Ca.
Earl Chuch - Yreka,Ca.
Amanda Marshal - Montague,Ca.
Justin Arono - Redding,Ca.
Steve Rogers - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Ted Rogers - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Jer Arono - Redding,Ca.
Heneritta Carbon - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Neol Ruec - Redding,Ca.
Steven Hanna - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Helen James - Lakehead,Ca.
Glennda Farris - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Christin Smith - Lakehead,Ca.
Jeff Lawley - California
Alosin Hawley - California
Suzanne LaRusse - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Ericha Tie - Lake Shastina,Ca.
Ed Richter - Rippon,Ca.
Lucy Hart - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Tom Hart - Mt.Shasta,Ca
Chris Denublo - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Chrissy Coffman - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Pauline Knockwa - Weed,Ca.
Robert Briggs - Seiad Valley,Ca.
Maria Murphy - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Cheryl Langford - Montague,Ca.
Dave Arhon - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Beth Beteers - Montague,Ca.
Boby Lee - Dusmuir,Ca.
Alice Reusze - Yreka,Ca.
John F Marshell - Dunsmuir,Ca.
P Marshall - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Susan Hanson - Weed,Ca.
Veronika Marshall - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Meghar Marshall - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Annie SmithRu - Fort.Jones,Ca.
Paul Jordan - Weed,Ca.
G.W. Akers - Yreka,Ca.
Peter Victorino - Etna,Ca.
Andy Aquilua - Dunsmuir,Ca.
Mary Zayls - Weed,Ca.
John Hobbs - Yreka,Ca.
Diana Lane - Hornbrook,Ca.
Penny Casperson - Mt.Shasta,Ca.
Adam Kingsly - Yreka,Ca.
James M.Coffman - Mt.Shasta,Ca.

Washington, D.C.

Our new local radio station Z-100 FM KZRO in Mt. Shasta, Ca. has been a new light in the airwaves of our community. If KZRO was on the air while I was in business in Mt. Shasta, I would have used them. I now work with a large number of our public (private and business) and I hear the station in 80% of homes and business I enter. KZRO is the talk of the towns.

This area has never had the weather or news coverage (local and worldwide) as it does now with KZRO. The information important to our community is aired by KZRO. It could be they help by opening up their phone lines!

Recently our rivers flowed over the banks, KZRO kept us informed. A young boy was lost, KZRO was making it known.

KZRO does a good service to out small communities. Because of their efforts I believe they deserve to remain on the air.

To own this type of business is a privilege. KZRO has shown its character and has earned its status.

Michael Mei

I would greatly appreciate it if you would see that this letter gets properly routed to the correct people at the FCC.

The charges brought against KZRO (Z-100) FM in Mt. Shasta are totally absurd and unfounded. I have been a regular listener of your station since you first began airing in Mt. Shasta . I have NEVER heard anything remotely resembling sexual connotations or talk about sex.

I was very happy to learn about your station and the rock and roll program you have to offer. It was and still is truly refreshing to have a station of your caliber in Siskiyou County.

Your station provided an invaluable service to this community during the recent disastrous floods we experienced. Your emergency and general information broadcasts regarding road closures, local emergency situations, where to get sand bags, etc. could not have been provided in a more professional or timely manner.

I am the father of two pre teen age children and do not hesitate to let either of my children listen to your programming unsupervised. I would certainly not do this if I even remotely suspected your station of airing ANYTHING inappropriate.

It would truly be a pity if the trumped up charges of one individual would effect your station in any fashion. I'm sure there are laws to punish the individual who fabricated the charges against your station. The individual obviously lives in a strange world of sick fantasy.

I would very much like to see the individual responsible for these untruths punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Sincerely yours,
Rick Weiss


I want KZRO to stay on for life.


Get with the program to keep KZRO on the air in Mt.Shasta.

Emil Heinsel

To: Secretary of the FCC

I have heard you may be considering shutting down Z100 FM. PLEASE DON'T!! This new station has been a great positive addition to our community. The D.J.'s are positive and upbeat. Their news and weather updates have been very valuable to me during the severe storms we've had this winter. Their Saturday show for and by kids is very spacial and rare.

We need this positive informative station in our community, which has been hurt by a station you should check into- KWHO 102.3. Look into this hate filled and biased station instead of Z-100 FM.

Mike Cassidy

To whom it may concern,

There appears to be some controversy surrounding Dunsmuir's only radio station. I would like you to know that I have never heard a commercial radio station, or even a public radio station, that offered more air time to helping the community and serving the public.

In its short time in operation, it has become THE SOURCE for cultural information, school events, weather conditions, and most important, EMERGENCY INFORMATION.

Z100 is fast becoming the glue that binds our communities together. All radio stations do PSA's, but the Z creates the buzz. In small towns communication means word-of- mouth. In between songs Z's commentators are constantly talking about community events. Furthermore, many of their advertisements are also keyed to community events.

To top it off, almost all of their call in shows are tied to special events. We've never ever had a radio station who understood so well how to serve it's community. Of course, this is only good business because the community will then support the station. But, that is the way it should be!

Z100 should stay on the air, and PBS should take some lessons from Z's owners.

Louie Dewey
Councilman, Dunsmuir City Council

Dear Z-100,

Thank you so much for the public service announcement your station made for Andrea's concert. With your help we were able to raise over $550.00 toward the renovation of our church's exterior.

Your support was greatly appreciated.

Jeanine R. Masciola


Thanks for bringing the best music to Siskiyou County. I've been here since 1975 and enjoy listening to the radio again. Long overdue but I'm really glad it finally has worked.

Thanks again,
Robin M. Conan

Hey Dennis!

You already know that I'm one of your station's biggest fans, stands to reason that after turning at least fifty locals on to your station (and mine) that I would request 2 count em, two bumper stickers.

Hey, I tried to tape Hypnotized the other night, and several since then and for some reason I can tape off of everything but the tuner!! What's Up?? Anyway, we love ya out here on the "lake", and if they don't, they will!!

Love and Peace
Tina from Shastina!

You guys are doing a GREAT job.

I especially liked listening to the Outlaws in the afternoon last week at work.


Ed Sherman

August 27, 1997

Dear Dennis:

Thank you for sponsoring "ASCENT" THE 1997-98 College of the Siskiyous and Yreka Community Theatre Performing Arts Series. Your sponsorship truly makes a difference in keeping professional theatre alive and well in Siskiyou County!

The series enlighten our youth and brings the magic of classical music, ballet, dance jazz and musical theatre to broader, more diverse audiences throughout our region.

Your sponsorship entitles you to receive:

* Your Company name listed in the program of the performance you are sponsoring.
*Two series tickets to the 1997-98 performance series.
*An invitation to any artists receptions.

We salute your generosity. College of the Siskiyous and the Yreka Community Theatre is proud to continue bringing musical excellence to the stages of the COS Kenneth W. Ford Theatre and the Yreka Community Theatre.


Dawna Cozzalio
Director of Public Information
College Foundation

Robert Grieninger
Yreka Community Theater

Dennis Michaels,

Send me some of those bumper stickers please. I listen to Z-100 all of the time. I brought those wood crates with parts way back when, before you were on the air.

I backed into your driveway with my truck-trailer, with snow on the ground, and we unloaded into the garage. You said then that you were going to blast the mountain with good old Rock-N-Roll........AND SO YOU HAVE!!!

Keep on Rockin,
Todd Wilhite

Dear Sirs/ Maams':

I am just writing to extend my congratulations on your first year of excellent programming and the survival of your station.

We are everyday listeners who enjoy the format along with the multitude of Siskiyou County fans who enjoy your music, humor and on going support of the surrounding communities. My 8 year old daughter is a great fan who calls regularly and enjoys talking with Dennis and Julie.

Dennis is very good when it comes to the many younger fans. Your signal is received as far south as Redding, so our frequent trips are much more enjoyable. Except for a few spots along the canyon, reception is great.

Because of your Trivia Contests, I have been able to introduce my daughter to a variety of multi-cultural events, which she may not have been able to experience, as we are a family on a very modest budget. In the past year she has enjoyed going to Sha Na Na, Tracy Byrd, Keepers of the Golden Heart and a concert featuring classical music. She has gone to 2 plays at C.O.S., a rodeo, Blues Concert and BBQ, and eaten at Acacia.

Thank you once again for everything you do for this county and your fans. You are truly the BEST radio station in the North State. We would also like to welcome Mr. Rick Martin, an out-standing addition to an already incredible and dedicated staff of professionals.

Keep up the good work and good luck in the future. We will continue listening for as long as you broadcast . Once again, many thanks to Dennis, Z- Lady Julie and the rest of the staff at Z-100 radio.

From Your Faithful Fans,
Dunsmuir, California

6121 Butterfly Avenue
Dunsmuir,CA 96025

November 4, 1997

Z100 (KZRO)
111 East Alma
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Attn: Dennis Michaels

Dear Dennis:

Thank you very much for Z100's promotion of our recent benefit dance party featuring instrumental surf music by The Gills. The party was a resounding success! Over 100 people from South Siskiyou County, as well as a few out of town guests, from teens to seniors, joyfully danced the night away to some great music.

The thoughtful and courteous morning interview by Rick Martin provided a needed boost to our event promotion. Congratulations on having the wisdom and good fortune to have him on your team.

The Board of Directors and Members of Shasta Mountain Playhouse are grateful for the dedication and vision of outstanding local business people, such as yourself. Through your generous assistance, SMP was able to raise community awareness of our non-profit activities in support of the arts within South Siskiyou County, and much needed funds to cover future projects.


Laurence Cook
SMP Secretary

Dear Z-100FM,

Thanks so much for helping advertise Gust Waiter - Pasta Night held last week.

It was well attended and will help the Mt. Shasta High Music Department fund their hopes and dreams.

We appreciate your help.

Lorie Saunders
Mt. Shasta High Booster Parent