Local Northern California Media

What do these local media outlets
have in common?





That's easy.
They all advertise their products on Z100fm.

Strangely enough, these are businesses that sell advertising for a living, yet have come to rely on the sheer numbers
that our station creates. In fact, with over 193,000 people in our coverage area, Z100fm covers more people than all these media
combined. We’re proud to work with other forms of media instead of against them simply because they’re a competitive form of
advertising. Conversely, we use their mediums to increase our listener base.

When NORTHLAND CABLE has equipment problems due to the weather, they know Z100fm can get the information
out in minutes. When they look to increase their subscriber base and promote HBO and Pay Per View, they turn to Z100fm.

When the SUPERSAVER needs to reach more people with their special rates and increase their numbers, they use Z100fm.

When the SISKIYOU COUNTY CONNECTION competes directly with the "big guy" phone book companies
for circulation and usage, they use our airwaves for promotion.

SOUTHERN SISKIYOU NEWS has long been a tradition to the area,
who use our airwaves as we do them throughout the county.

In fact, Z100fm is the only radio station that each and every one of our advertising competitors (minus radio)
uses to increase business for themselves. What is it they know that gets them to advertise with us, a competitor? Again, it's simple.

Local radio works, especially if that station has thousands of dedicated listeners...
that actually listen to the programming vs. using it for background music... plus, rarely do those listeners channel surf.

Why? Most likely because Z100fm provides the most local programming on the radio in Northern California.
Local information, sports, road conditions, ski reports... live on the weekends if the weather’s bad...
plus our selection of music that delivers an amazing demographic of 18 - 55.

Maybe it’s the long blocks of great music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with only
TWO commercial breaks per hour. Whatever it is, take it from local businesses that sell advertising for a living.
Z100fm works by reaching people, and will work for your business too.